How To Edge A Lawn In 10 Easy Steps

The main handle at the end opposite the trimmer head includes the quick start trigger, so you don’t have to struggle to turn the unit on or off. The second handle extends upwards from the middle of the upper section of the shaft, so that you can grip it with either hand and gain more control over your motions. This second handle is also adjustable, so you can set it to different positions for optimum comfort. When you turn the unit over to run it in edger mode, each handle is still accessible, making it possible to work efficiently and with precision.

Personally, I like to use an edging shovel to edge a garden, or reshape existing edges. They are easy to control, edge deep, and are versatile since you can use the edging shovel for cleanup as well. Edging tools are a must for any homeowner who wishes for their property to impress. Electric edgers are either battery-operated and cordless or need to be plugged into an outlet.

Re: Straight Shaft Edgers Vs Curved Shaft Edgers

Of those curved shaft models I’ve seen, this one really stands out head and shoulders above the rest. However, DeWalt shaped the guard to be more open in the front, which allows you to work a larger area with each sweep. Some models spread the guard quite far around the edge of the feed line, which can actually limit how much of the lawn or terrain that you can trim at once. Those of you in the fast and effective camp are going to love this ultra efficient string trimmer from the tool experts at DeWalt. The sweeper is not one of those hulking, heavy duty models, so you don’t have to worry about having to strap it on your back to operate it, or anything similarly troublesome. It has a single handle mounted on the top of the body, so you can easily pick it up and move it around to blow away any leaves or yard debris you have around.

In this case, you may need to find out its weight and motor type. Then, if you want an edger to maintain the lawns around your homestead, the corded edger will do. The cordless battery-powered edger is ideal for manicuring lawns far from home. By mowing first, you know how short to trim grass along edges and will be less likely to scalp those areas, giving rise to bare or weedy patches. You admire neat edges along walkways, driveways, and planting beds, right?

They’re typically lightweight and work well for small yards. What most people don’t know is that in a finished installation, only the top half or third of the circle should be visible. People set the edging too high, thinking that the whole circle is supposed to sit on top of the ground, so when finished it looks like a hose lying best lawn edger for curves on the ground. Only the top half or third of the circle should be visible when finished. Now you’ll never hit it with the lawnmower, it isn’t visible during the summer, and it still blocks the grass roots from entering the garden bed. You can start by lowering the cutting blade on your lawn mower and shave cleanly down your lawn.

How To Edge A Lawn In 7 Simple Steps

These include; the Thatch Rake, Deluxe Weed Cutter, Steel Blade Grass Whip, Dandelion Weeder and the Rotary Edger. The rotary lawn edger is ideal for home use, and for the maintenance of medium sized lawns. The Truper Tru is the ideal edger for your walkways and gardens. Worx is one of the most popular power tool makers in the world. You may want to find out some of our reviews of Works products from our dedicated list of the best Worx chain saws. The company has some of the best electric edgers you can ever get.

This is also a flexible edging coil which you can bend and curve to create the desired shape. This lawn edging technique is based on what seems to be a miniature version of a gabion wall. It’s an idea that we found on greenlandscapestoenvy and we absolutely love it. Lawn edging bricks can give you a nice rustic look which could go well with a brick patio for example. To pull this off you’re going to need building sand, cement, a trowel, a rubber mallet and a rake, in addition to the bricks of course.

Step 1: Mow The Grass

Corded electric lawn edgers operate on direct connection to the source or power. The edgers have a long electric cable that provides the power. Thus, best lawn edger for curves they are usually powerful but less versatile than the cordless variety. Corded edgers are ideal for use in places close to the source of power.

Be sure to choose the best edger—or edgers—for your lawn for the best results. Always try to walk on the hard surface, like your driveway or walkway, as you edge. Before you get started, make sure you know where any electrical wires, plumbing pipes, or other buried hazards may be. You don’t want to risk cutting into them with your edger, so make sure to give them a wide berth. They require you to put more effort in, and the work often takes longer, but can be more precise. If you’ve never edged a lawn before, don’t worry—we’ll teach you how to get the neatest, nicest edges around your walkways and garden beds.

  • The same principle would apply to the lawn edger as you only need to turn it sideways for it to start cutting at a horizontal angle.
  • Some brands have a special handle that you hold when manicuring your lawn edges.
  • Oil is kept separate from the gasoline in another reservoir of the engine.
  • Gas Stick Edger – Gas-powered lawn edger, the alternative to an electric edger, with more power.
  • Then, the heavy duty lacquered ash handle is sturdy and durable.

Check out this cool lawn edging tool from etsy that you could use. It can give your lawn and garden a contemporary look with an industrial vibe and it’s also easy to work with. Install steel edging around the flower beds or to create more structure in your backyard if for example you want to define different sections. The rusty, weathered look looks great out here because of the visual connection it establishes with the earth. After you dug in along the shape of your garden edge, the next step is to make an angle cut on the inside of your edge. Go over the same shape shape you just laid out, only this time press deeper into the edge by applying more pressure with your foot.

Black+decker Lst136w Lithium String Trimmer

Overgrown lawn edges can look unsightly and make an otherwise healthy, well-cared for garden look untidy. For a professional finish, re-cut the edges of your lawn each spring and trim overhanging grass after mowing. Stone is a classic, high-end choice for edging and is the most expensive option available. However, stone has uneven edges and so you will usually need to string-trim along the edges of a stone border. You’ll also want to make sure you mortar your stone border in place so no lawn can creep through the barrier.

The boards can overlap slightly to prevent the soil from slipping through. Another idea can be to use wooden posts that look more solid. Concrete is great if you want to create a solid border that has a unique shape. You can pour the concrete into whatever shape you want to create fluid, undulating lawn edging and you can make it flush with the ground if you want to.

The lip at the top of the step edge blade will keep the depth constant. The lawn borders against different types of borders that require unique edging. There’s no need to add fuel or drain the oil before storing the edging tool. There’s no cleaning or replacing of spark plugs, filters, or clogging of the fuel tank. Bricks can also be a good option when it comes to lawn edging. They’re actually perfect for the flower beds and they can be used to create a clean border around them which also impacts the adjacent lawn.

Just like string trimmers, lawn edgers can also be powered by gas or electricity. If you prefer not to use either of these resources, then you can use a manual lawn edger. String trimmers are often used as edgers, and some are called trimmers/edgers.

Shop & Compare Edgers

Manicuring lawns means you must keep everything regular. The depths of your edges should be equal as it would be horrid to have parts that are deeper than others. AMES best hand lawn edger’s footplate ensures that the cutting depth is consistent. You will need to do this periodically to maintain the definition of the edge. Just as you probably might have guessed, the world of lawn care tools is quite complex, even when you’re looking at what might seem like a simple tool such as the string trimmer. However, when you want a little more control and ease of use over your trimming, then you’re going to want a model with a curved shaft.

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